oh this was is really for mature readers so you are WARNED on this one, man I need a shower after I read this


* Good Morning *

She raised her hands over her head and stretched lazily like a cat that had been lying in the sun for hours. Opening her eyes, she was greeted with a smile.

"Morning, sleepy head," he said softly, as he reached out and brushed back the hair from her cheek.

"Mmmmmmm, morning to you too," she said, stretching again and trying to wake up. "How long have you been up?" She touched his cleanly shaven cheek with her fingertips, tracing an invisible line down to his jaw and then across.

"About an hour or so. I woke early and thought I'd shower and shave before you hogged the bathroom for two hours."

She rolled her eyes at him and moved over closer, pressing her body firmly against his. "Well, you forgot to get dressed then," she said as her fingers moved down his bare side.

"Oh, I didn't forget to get dressed, my love. I'm not through being in bed yet." He grinned at her and raised himself onto one elbow, looking down at her and brushing his fingers through her blonde hair.

"Well, I guess I'll follow suit then; we've got a lot to get done today." She moved to sit up and he pushed her back gently.

"You're not going anywhere, I'm afraid." His voice was quiet but firm. "I've been hearing some rumors about you, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to place you under house arrest until I'm sure that you're not guilty of some of the things that are being said about you."

She bit her lip, trying not to laugh at his ridiculous story. "What are the charges, Officer?"

"We'll get to the charges in a moment, but first..." he rolled onto his back and then reached over into the drawer in the nightstand and started rummaging around.

She smiled and looked up at the ceiling, seeing herself smile back. Damn! She had forgotten about that mirror up there. Her mind drifted briefly to their outing yesterday. They were driving back from the grocery store when they saw a small flea market and decided to check it out. As they walked around, they found this huge mirror that looked as if it had once been part of a dresser, long ago separated from it.

"You know where this would look great?" he asked, grinning wildly. She looked at the mirror and then at him and then back to the mirror.

"You've gotta be joking!" she replied.


"Nick, really, I don't think so."

He picked up the mirror and headed for the small check out counter and she followed him, shaking her head and grinning. When they returned to the house, he immediately got the ladder and some hardware and installed the mirror on the ceiling over the bed. Looking up there now, she had to admit that she had enjoyed the view last night which had been reflected from down below.

"Why don't you just admit that you like it up there, Aja?" he said, rolling back over and taking her hand.

"The jury is still out on that one," she lied. "I think more testing is in order."

She had hardly finished saying that when he snapped a pair of padded handcuffs around her wrist. She wasn't prepared for that move, and when she went to say something, another pair was snapped onto her other wrist.

"What is this?" she asked.

"I told you, Aja, you're under house arrest and I think you're the type to try and escape so I'm taking precautions." He grinned and pulled her arms up over her head, locking the other sides of the cuffs to the wrought iron headboard. She thought it kind of odd that he didn't spread her arms apart further; instead, they were side by side.

"I wasn't planning on escaping," she said, bringing her foot up and stroking it up and down his leg.

"Hmmm," he said, moving slightly away from her foot, "typical criminal move: trying to distract the officer. I guess I better do something about that." He moved up onto his knees and searched the drawer.

She looked at herself in the mirror: hands over her head and firmly cuffed to the bed, the comforter sliding down and exposing the tops of her breasts. Nick got out of bed and pulled the comforter off, tossing it onto the floor. She continued to look at herself in the mirror as her naked body became exposed. He moved back onto the bed and between her feet. Picking up one foot, he quickly locked another pair of padded handcuffs around her ankle and then did the same to the other ankle. She watched him, humored by the serious expression on his face.

"Whatcha gonna do now, Officer?" she teased, knowing full well that he was going to secure her legs, spread-eagled of course, to the foot board.

"Well," he said, holding a foot in each hand, the handcuffs dangling down, "I thought I might just try this." Before she could comprehend what he was doing, he moved quickly up between her legs, still holding her feet and then pushed them up and over her, almost folding her in half. Abruptly, he took each cuff and locked it onto the bedpost, each cuff as far away from the other as possible.


"He crawled off the bed and looked down at her -- the smile on his face huge, the lust in his eyes very apparent."

"Let me go!"


"This is uncomfortable; it's hurting my neck." Whoosh -- the pillows were pulled out from under her head.

"Anything else?" he asked, tossing the pillows onto the floor with the comforter.

She pulled her "pouty face" trying to get some sympathy, but he just laughed quietly and knelt down beside the bed.

"Look up, Aja..." he said in a very soft voice.

She didn't want to but couldn't help looking. There she was all of her totally open to the world. Her eyes scanned down her body. Her breasts were about level with her knees, the nipples hard and swollen from just the excitement of seeing herself. As her eyes moved down a little further, she looked at her hairless @#%$, spread wide open and sticking up in the air. Her clit was starting to swell a little, poking out and demanding attention. The whole sight made her head spin, the excitement mounting.

"Do you like what you see?" he asked as he stood up.

She looked over at him and nodded, looking down his body and seeing his @#%$ getting harder by the second. Obviously, he liked the sight too.

He leaned over and kissed her lightly. "Are you okay?" he whispered. She nodded and smiled at him, assuring him that she was.

"Well then, young lady," he said firmly, "it's time for the interrogation."

Interrogation? She laughed and watched him get onto the bed and move between her legs. He lay down on his stomach, his face just inches away from her @#%$.

"Now then, Missy," he said, letting out a deep breath that brushed across her moist lips, causing her to shiver. "The first charge is that you have been seen drinking milk right out of the container.

"How do you plead?"

"Totally innocent, Sir. I would never ever do that," she lied.

"Hmmm, playing it tough, I see." He moved his head down and ran his tongue lightly up one of her @#%$ lips, taking delight in the way that it made her squirm.

"Are you sure?" he asked, looking up at her. She nodded and he shook his head, not believing her. As his tongue ran up the other lip, she raised her hips off the bed, trying to meet his mouth. He pulled back and slapped her ass lightly.


Her hips dropped back down to the bed as his tongue moved from one lip to the other, licking and then sucking each one into his mouth. She moaned and closed her eyes, fighting the urge to lift her hips again.

"Eyes open and straight up," he commanded, and she looked up.

"Now, about the milk container. Are you sure you haven't done that?"

"Positive," she replied, trying to look serious.

"I'm afraid you're lying, Aja, because we have pictures of you drinking the milk from the container. You ought to be ashamed of yourself." He tried to look very disappointed in her. "And there is a stiff penalty for lying."

As the tip of his tongue flicked across her clit, she jumped and pushed her hips up. His hand moved under her ass and squeezed firmly as he sucked her clit into his mouth and pulled back gently. She moaned and squirmed, moving her hips up and down against his face. She could feel her clit going deeper into his mouth as he sucked even harder, making it swell as his tongue flicked against it, poking it relentlessly. Releasing her clit, he ran his tongue in little circles between her lips, licking at the juices that were escaping her body. With his tongue he found the source of the leak and slowly inserted his tongue inside her. She moaned and tried to push down against him as his tongue @#%$ her.

"Baby..." she whispered in a hoarse voice.

His hands squeezed her ass cheeks as his tongue drove into her, his nose deliberately rubbing back and forth against her clit. He started making circles inside of her with his tongue and then pushed it in and out, only to repeat the circles again. She pulled herself up and down against his face, using her legs and the cuffs to help her move. His tongue was stiff inside her, his nose rubbing hard as his hands continued to squeeze and play with her ass cheeks. Her moans became louder and he stopped for a second and looked up at her.

"Cum for me, Aja," he whispered, "cum for me now."

Hearing his words and as if on command, she started to shake. His tongue dove back into her @#%$, @#%$ it as hard and deep as his tongue could. She shut her eyes tight and pushed against his tongue, feeling her orgasm sweep through her, and she let out a small scream as she came against his mouth. He moaned and drove his tongue into her, @#%$ her hard with it, until she stopped shaking and he had licked away every trace of her orgasm.

She flopped down against the bed and looked down at him. His face was wet with her juices and he was licking his lips, smiling at her.

"The second charge is a little bit heavier and I can only hope that you're not guilty of this."

She raised both her eyebrows, wondering what silly charge he had made up this time.

"You've been charged with using my razors to shave your legs and other various parts. How do you plead?"

She smirked and then answered him seriously, "Well, I wax my legs, and the other various parts have the hair removed with hair remover -- so I plead innocent."

"All the hair is removed with hair remover?" he asked, his thumb moving between her open ass cheeks and brushing back and forth. She tried to concentrate on him.

"Yes. Well, most of it is, but there are a couple of tricky and sensitive areas that have to be shaved, and a razor is needed."

"My razor?" he asked, his thumb moving up higher, rubbing in the wetness of her @#%$ and then back down against her ass.

"Uhmm, no. I'm pretty sure it was a pink razor, Sir."

"You're sure it wasn't a blue one? One that is currently in the shower now."

"Did I mention to you that I'm color blind? Probably not, but I really am...been that way since...hmmm...about oh, I dunno...last night before my shower, I think."

"Ah ha!" he said and drove his thumb into her ass. She cried out and pushed herself towards him, loving the feeling of his thumb moving deeper inside of her.

"I'm afraid that is inexcusable, young lady," he said as he lowered his face to her @#%$ again and started @#%$ her with his tongue, keeping perfect rhythm with his thumb. Wrapping her hands around two of the bars from the headboard, she lifted herself up and moved back and forth against his tongue and thumb, moaning and looking up. Seeing his head buried between her legs made her move faster. He stopped @#%$ her with his tongue and looked up at her, watching her watch them in the mirror.

He pulled back and out of her, moving down the bed a bit. She watched as his index finger touched her clit and made her jump. His finger moved down and circled, as if waiting for the right moment to enter. His teasing made her whimper and she watched as he moved quickly and jammed his finger deep inside her @#%$, pushing it in as far as it would go and then rotating it. A scream escaped her lips as his other hand moved and he pushed his other index finger into her ass. She watched in the mirror as his two fingers @#%$ her, and she moved against him. It was so erotic watching him @#%$ her this way that she felt another orgasm approaching.

"Nick, I'm going to cum," she announced and moved harder against him. He responded by sticking another finger into her @#%$ and pumping harder, his fingers emerging covered with her cream.

"Cum for me, Aja," he growled, his fingers @#%$ her deeper and harder in both her ass and her @#%$. She cried out and he felt both her ass and her @#%$ clench his fingers, sucking them in deeper and holding them. Every muscle in her body contracted, and he moaned loudly when he felt the wet rush cover the fingers that were in her @#%$.

When she had finished, he pulled his fingers out and sucked on one, watching her. Moving up and over her, he ran the other soaked finger over her lips, pushing it into her mouth and making her taste herself. She sucked his finger clean, trying to rub against him, her wet @#%$ moving against his stomach and soaking his skin.

He moved back onto his knees and looked at her. He took great delight in the swollen and wet @#%$ that was spread out before him. Her breathing was still a little ragged, and she sucked in her breath when he sat up on his knees and held his @#%$ against her @#%$, wetting the head of it. She watched as he held his @#%$ over her @#%$ and stroked it slowly, the large purple head just inches from her. Grabbing onto the bars, she pulled herself up until her @#%$ rubbed against his @#%$. He looked at her, raising an eyebrow, and gently slapped his @#%$ against her @#%$. She moaned at this and dropped herself back down to the bed. "Looking up, she watched him stroke. Nick moved his hand easily over his @#%$, knowing that it was driving her wild: the wanting, the needing."

"Last charge," he whispered, his voice shaking, "is that you love me -- heart and soul, body and mind." He looked at her with a total look of love. "How do you plead?"

"Guilty!" she screamed, and then added, "Unless the answer 'innocent' will get me @#%$ quicker, then I change my answer."

"You're such a tramp," he said jokingly, rubbing his @#%$ against her @#%$ and watching her raise her hips, in hopes of him taking the hint.

"I love you, Nick..." she whispered.

"Right answer," he said, placing the head of his @#%$ against her and slowly penetrating. She watched through squinted eyes as his @#%$ slowly disappeared into her @#%$. The deeper he pushed, the more she could feel him throbbing inside of her. He placed his arms at her sides and leaned into her, pumping harder and watching her closely; her eyes looked glazed and lost.

"Tell me," he said, not really knowing what it was that he wanted her to say.

She let out a moan and rammed her hips up against him; his @#%$ driving in deeper as his balls rubbed against her ass. "Baby, that feels so good," she said slowly, her breathing hard and uneven. "Keep @#%$ me, Nick; don't ever stop @#%$ me, baby."

Her words filled his head, and he moaned as he drove his @#%$ into her deeper and harder, quickening his pace and then slowing down, just to start moving faster again. Her @#%$ was grasping at his @#%$, sucking it in deeper and contracting around it. He could tell she was going to cum again, so he slowed down and started grinding into her, pressing hard into her @#%$ and against her clit.

She was gasping for air, her hands clenched tightly around the bars on the headboard and her hips moving up hard against him. At the last second she opened her eyes and looked at him, her mouth open, and then she leaned her head back and let out a scream that would have woken the neighbors, if they had any.

He felt his @#%$ getting squeezed tightly inside of her, and the hot rush of cum started to leak out of her and it ran down and over his balls. As she shook off the end of her orgasm, he pumped slowly in and out of her a few more times and then pulled his @#%$ out. Holding it with one hand, he rubbed it around in her cream, not that it needed to be any wetter than it was. Running the head down her @#%$, he moved it down until it was against her ass and then looked at her. Her expression was wild; she looked so turned on that she probably couldn't even see straight, and he fought the urge to drive his @#%$ into her.

"Tell me," he said, this time knowing what he wanted to hear.

"@#%$ my ass, Nick," she said, not even hesitating to say the words.

He moved his hand back to her side and slowly moved his hips down, the head of his @#%$ disappearing slowly into her ass. She was so tight around his @#%$, and he moaned as he moved into her, going deeper and listening to their combined moans. When his balls were pressed tightly against her ass again, he looked down at her and began to slowly pull out, until only the head of his @#%$ was still inside of her. She raised her hips, silently telling him what he needed to know, and he drove into her hard, his @#%$ quickly moving deep into her ass. He caught his breath as he began to move faster, feeling the cream from her @#%$ running down to her ass and feeling her @#%$ rubbing against him.

She watched in the mirror as he @#%$ her, loving the sight of him moving on top of her. She whispered to him and told him how much she loved the feeling of his @#%$ inside of her ass. Telling him how she was enjoying watching them, like a voyeur looking into someone's window without their permission, watching them @#%$ and hearing their moans. In the mirror, she could see his ass cheeks clench and she knew he was close.

"Cum for me, Nick," she commanded. "Cum in my ass, baby; let me hear you and feel you cum inside me." She tightened her ass around his @#%$ and then loosened the grip only to tighten it again, pulling at his @#%$ from inside, feeling his @#%$ throbbing and jumping inside of her.

"Aja!" He gave one final thrust as he let out a loud moan and held himself there. His body was tense as he came, filling her ass as he lay down on her and buried his face in her neck.

They were motionless for a few moments, but then he regretfully pulled back from her and looked down, smiling softly at her. She smiled back and shifted around, saying, "I don't suppose you'd like to let me go now, would you?"

He pretended to ponder that and then started unlocking the cuffs, figuring that being in that position for over an hour could make one a little uncomfortable. When he had put the cuffs back into the drawer, he snuggled up beside her and held her tight, whispering, "In a little while, we need to discuss who ate the rest of my cookies."